We provide chemotherapy services in our office in a relaxed environment.
Patients relax in a lazy boy chair and can read or watch television or take a nap.

We are able to give outpatient chemotherapy to most of our cancer patients. We are equipped to administer chemotherapy infusion through portable pump and give latest chemotherapy drugs. Most of the chemotherapy given in the office is administered intravenously. Some drugs are given subcutaneously.

The physician formulates the chemotherapy plan and calculates the dosages based on patient’s height and weight. All doses are customized for each patient. The Oncologist will first discuss the schedule and common side effects of chemotherapy with the patient and the Oncology nurse gives out drug print outs and reaffirms the side effects.

Most patients feel very comfortable, relaxed and secure in the environment of the chemotherapy room and look forward to socializing with other patients.