Lung Cancer

This is one of the most common cancers in both males and females. The common notion that it only happens in people who smoke is no longer true.  We are seeing more patients with lung cancer who have never smoked.
We are finding more genetic mutations causing lung cancer and the good news is there are medications that have been developed that can target these genetic mutations.

There are 2 kinds of lung cancer one is called small cell lung cancer which can be very aggressive and the other type is non small cell lung cancer which have a few subtypes. Small cell lung cancer responds very favorably to chemotherapy and immunotherapy but based on the initial stage of the disease the outcome may be less favorable.
Combined chemo immunotherapy has improved the outcome and prognosis of non small cell lung cancer.
It is customary to do detailed molecular markers and genetic testing on all lung cancer patients.
The overall outcome and prognosis has improved in all lung cancer patients