My life changed overnight when a bone marrow done at Las Vegas Cancer Center by Dr. Nutan Parikh MD showed I had Myelodysplastic Syndrome ( MDS ) a type of blood cancer. I was devastated with the diagnosis but Dr. Parikh took his time and explained to me in details what it meant and what the options were. I was impressed with Dr. Parikh’s compassion and warmth and his smile put me at ease. His calm mannerism, his dedication towards his patients and the ability to spend time and explain very clearly and explicitly in plain easy language are his strength. Throughout my treatment process Dr. Parikh and I bonded to construct a very strong friendship. His leadership and recruitment of his top notch medical staff compliment his professional ethics and caring compassion for their patients.

I have had my ups and downs and when my disease recurred Dr. Parikh coordinated my care with a bone marrow transplant specialist at Stanford. I took a photo collage of the team at Las Vegas Cancer Center with me to Stanford for inspiration and support where I finally had a successful allogeneic bone marrow transplant on Feb. 12 2014. I reunited with Dr. Parikh and his team on August 7 2014 and I have continued to be in remission and am currently enjoying a second life thanks to all my doctors and the staff.

I have continued to admire my relationship with Dr.,Parikh who I consider as much a friend as my doctor.

Ron Gross

Dr. Nutan Parikh at Las Vegas Cancer Center is the best Oncologist!

He earns 5 stars in every way- trustworthy, honest, has integrity. He listens to patients and takes time to answer all questions. I have been his patient for Stage IV metastatic breast cancer and he has provided outstanding treatment. I had previously received various kinds of chemotherapy treatments from different physicians and when I first saw him with recurrent disease he took time to study my case very carefully and diligently reviewing each of the previous Rx I had received and came up with option of a chemotherapy which helped me significantly. My illness is not curable but I am alive and functional thanks to Dr. Parikh’s expertise, caring, and thoroughness. His manner is welcoming, warm and caring. He listens to me and I am his partner in my treatment options. His staff is detail oriented and provides backup expertise. His nurses are very caring and give 100% attention to each patient.

I cannot say enough compliments about Dr. Parikh and his practice. I most highly commend and recommend Dr. Parikh to any person diagnosed with cancer

Patricia Fair

Cancer… The first thing about it is to cry a lot and make a decision on whether to be strong or to let yourself down. Another question is where you should do your treatment.
It becomes very important and I made my choice with the Las Vegas Cancer Center.
Dr. Nutan Parikh is very caring and attentive. The nurses are very caring and loving as well. My two years of treatment at Las Vegas Cancer Center have definitely helped me out a lot. Also, Tami Loehr the manager has a lot of affection and will always be in my prayers. My follow up is every 4 months now and I still feel nervous every time I go and always feel the love of everyone at the Las Vegas cancer Center. It is now where I will go for the rest of my life. Thank you all so much and God bless you all.

Elizabeth Sanford